12-Year Old Boy Dies in House Fire After Going Back Inside to Rescue His Brothers

Milwaukee, WI — 12-year old Adrian Cross tried to rescue his younger brothers in their Milwaukee home that was being engulfed by a fire, but sadly he died after being trapped inside. His family said that Adrian was already outside the house, but went back to save his brothers not knowing that they had already made it out safely.

Courtesy Photo

“Last night we lost a Lil brave [boy], our grandson Lil Adrian,” June Cross, the boy’s grandmother wrote on a Facebook post.

Reportedly, after re-entering the house, Adrian became trapped on the second floor of their home. He had no idea that all of his 10 family members — six adults and four children — already made it to safety.

“All of a sudden, [the family] started screaming,” June recounted.

Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing said fire officials came “on the scene in three minutes. Unfortunately, the fire was too far along.”

Chief Rohfling visited the neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon after the tragedy. He reminded residents to have working smoke detectors and a fire evacuation plan.

“Talk about, ‘How do I get out of a room if there is a fire?’” Chief Rohfling said. “‘What are my two ways out?’ Think about having a meeting place outside.”

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