Ellenae Fairhurst Become The First Black Woman to Own & Control a Lexus Dealership

When it comes to buying automobiles, women have remained a dominant figure. From a couple of reliable sources, it is important to know that around eighty-five percent of vehicle buyers are women.

The truth is that around eight percent of auto dealers in the country are operated by women. In addition to this figure, only one percent of auto dealership businesses are owned by black women.

At this juncture, the automobile industry is turning a new leaf because Ellenae Fairhurst remains the first woman of color to own Lexus dealership.

Ellenae has the comprehensive knowledge on how to handle the automobile business and put other people on the right way to accomplish success.

According to their web site, “Our passion is providing you with a world-class ownership experience. We share the thrill our customers get from owning and driving a Lexus. Whether you come in for a new or per-owned Lexus, to have your vehicle serviced or to arrange financing, we are committed to providing a Lexus experience that keeps you coming back.”

In Alabama and the city of Huntsville, the first black woman owns a Lexus plant. The website of Ellenae service promises to offer customers a top-notch auto ownership experience.

It continues by mentioning that when customers drive and own a Lexus, the service highly thrilled and fulfilled. Regardless of your needs, the Ellenae service is dedicated to providing you with the best information on owning a Lexus. In time passed, the auto dealership industry has been controlled by men.


Ellenae break the barrier by becoming the first woman of color to control the auto dealership industry.


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