“Funkmasters “, R&B group Cameo concert review by Avery Dey photos by Derrick Steward

“Funkmasters “, R&B group Cameot at The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club

“Funkmasters “, R&B group Cameo at The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club

“Funkmasters “, R&B group Cameo was in town last night at The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club providing the musical euphoria I so desperately needed. With the untimely passing of music legend Prince, I needed to mentally and physically escape to clear my head. So what better way to do that? Locate where the party was poppin’, and l believe I found it! Catering to a packed house, Cameo’s nine-member band (ten if you include Larry Blackmon’s red jock cup. Yes, he wore it.) gave us a 90-minute plus set filled with all of the classics! Members: Tomi Jenkins, Charlie Singleton, Aaron Mills, Anthony Lockett, Jeff Nelson, Kevin Kendricks and Jonathan Moffett didn’t waste anytime when they started their set with “Alligator Woman”; and from that moment on, I just knew we were going to get “Funktified”.

As they are celebrating 40 plus years in the game, Cameo proved to us last night that the funk is still here and they are always ready to deliver. Trust me when I say I couldn’t stay in my seat once the first beats of “Flirt” started. Family, I just knew I brought my roller skates with me because that was joint back in the day at the rink (don’t judge). And oh did I forget to mention that us ladies were out numbered, and out partied by the fellas? I’ve never seen anything like it my life, seriously! To witness a venue of men, some with their dates react to songs like: “She Strange”, “Candy”, “Shake your Pants”, and “Sparkle” as if it was their first time hearing it, really made the night that more enjoyable. I’m telling you, it was a grown and sexy party!!

Before the night concluded, Larry Blackmon told us to be on the watch for the group’s new project to be released later this year. We can find the complete details on www.cameonation.com and as we howled in delight, they skillfully jumped into the last number of the night, “Word Up!” Yes it was a great time had by all and I was so glad I came out to play. If you want to see who’s performing next, check out the venue’s calendar at http://bethesdabluesjazz.com/ This is your girl Avery Dey, and now you’re in the know.

 The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club with CAMEO

The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club with CAMEO

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