Indie Soul artist of the Day: Terrence Hamilton

Terrence Hamilton’s “No More” video is part of a astonishing album collection of his own called “My Journey”. This music video “No More” is involving a couple’s situation in their relationship, exposing the hidden problems that they must face and deal with while trying to appear that they are trustworthy to one another. The story line begins with Terrence Hamilton dropping off his significant other played by Annie Floyd. She gets out the vehicle not realizing that she has dropped a hotel key card, leaving Terrence wondering in his mind what’s going on.

She receives a phone call from her secret lover played by David Richardson, telling her he’s back at the hotel and to meet him in front of the hotel so they can spend more time together before his flight leaves in the morning. Sharing another lovely evening together comes to a sudden stop as Terrence knocks on their room door and catching his women in the moment of romance with another man.

Also appearing in the video is Hip Hop artist Jos aka Troy Davis, delivering a fast verse to accomplish the story line. The Song “No More” was written by Tracey Burgwin, Terrence Hamilton and Troy Davis. The music was producer, mixed and mastered by Troy Davis. Camera shooting was captured by Troy Davis, Tracey Burgwin and Paul Evans and the video was also directed by Troy Davis.

Terrence Hamilton

Terrence Hamilton





Released By Jos Entertainment,
Flipmatic Publishing, BMI
And Distribute Thru The Orchard Music/Sony