Indie Soul Spotlight: Author Victoria Kent

In the Indie Soul Spotlight, we present Ms. Victoria Kent who will be debuting here FIRST literary piece for the masses, entitled: Almost 30, on September 12th, with her first OFFICIAL Book Signing on September 16th 3p-5p at Cafe Melody, 800 St. Paul St., Baltimore-MD 21202.

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Victoria Kent has stepped into the arena of becoming that voice for Black Women to help them realize that just because you are not in the relationship that you desire to be, or the career you may have hoped for, being a Black Woman, 30 or older, does not mean that your life is over. There is still more to discover, not just from the world, but life’s journey as well.

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This is something that every woman, especially Black Women, should read, and yes, even us men, Black Men, to delve into the mind of women to kind of get the picture of what they are feeling and may be going through.

#IndieSoulMagazine is expecting big things for Victoria Kent. Congrats on your first endeavor and we hope to read more from Kent!

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