New York, NY (BlackNews.com) — It’s 2019 and hip-hop is still going strong. Women are making strides in society, culture, and justice. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, one must ask the question who are the women on the minds of today’s hip-hop fans?

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Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Remy Ma, the incomparable Roxanne Shante just to name a few – women are ingrained in hip hop, but never leading the conversation! Starting with DJ Kool Herc’s sister Cindy Campbell’s back to school party in their Bronx apartment building community center, women have been there since the birth of hip hop. Now is the time to hear what the ladies have to say!

Poppin Off Pink is a woman-led podcast created by Hip Hop Scriptures founder “Chi Chi” Lewis, providing women’s perspective on all things hip-hop. She comments, “I thought it was finally time for us to lead the conversation about women in hip-hop.”

Hip hop commentary is dominated by men in the industry and the Poppin Off Pink podcast gives women a much-needed platform to share the unique female perspective on the industry’s latest issues, news, and trends. Kimber Erskine also co-hosts this groundbreaking podcast and is known throughout NYC for her visual artistry and justice.

Cohosts Chi Chi and Kimber discuss women’s place in hip-hop’s past, present and future along with current events and pop culture. Their chemistry and comedy are undeniable, as they dissect everything from Black women’s images in the media to Pam Grier’s influence on female emcees. You can watch their live show on YouTube, listen to the Black Futurism episode featuring Professor Brandon Alexander Williams or tune in to their latest virtual slumber party to fully appreciate the range of topics, creativity, and depth that this show is bringing to the culture.

Follow them on Twitter: @poppinoffpink1 and @chisophly

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