6 good to know tips for attending a Black Thanksgiving (This could save your life)

Midday Soul Show Whie
  1. Don’t arrive empty-handed. But don’t attempt to bring the dressingpotato salad or baked macaroni and cheeseSomeone in the family is already sanctioned with making those integral Black America Thanksgiving side dishes! If you have nothing to bring or don’t cook, just get aluminum foil, which is always helpful for later to-go plates!
  2. Dressing is what we call Black people’s “stuffing.”
  3. No pumpkin pie. Always sweet potato.
  4. Make room on your plate because you can expect 6-10 soul food Thanksgiving sides. And 3-5 Thanksgiving desserts, i.e., sweet potato piepeach cobbler, or pecan pie. (And no. Candied yams with marshmallows is not a dessert!)
  5. Try the more than one kind of soul food seasoned turkey (i.e., fried turkey, grilled turkey, BBQ turkey, cider brined turkeyroasted turkey).
  6. And although you should arrive in time – the Thanksgiving meal will likely not be served on time!
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