6 Shows to Binge During Thanksgiving Weekend

The Wednesday to Sunday that encompass Thanksgiving weekend can be hectic at best, chaotic at worst. Unfortunately, if you’re not a sports fan, there’s not much on TV to help you escape. That’s why it’s the perfect weekend for a good binge.

Whether you’re looking for a few episodes to catch up on, or a more comprehensive re-watch, we’ve got you covered. From captivating crime drama to fan favorite comedy to family friendly franchise, there’s something for everyone in our 6 shows to binge during Thanksgiving weekend.

Throughout Succession season 3, the Roy family civil war has made for some hilarious moments. While the ratings have been everything HBO wants, there are always those who like to wait and binge most, if not all the episodes at once. Why wait each week, when you can have the next entry in minutes.

And with a show like Succession, that week-long wait can be an eternity. The Covid-19 pandemic led to a two year delay between seasons 2 and 3, meaning the show has more fans than ever. What better way to make yourself feel better about your family dysfunction than by laughing at and judging the Roys.



Your family may have its issues, but we assume it’s not a huge criminal empire full of intrigue and backstabbing. Starz initially promoted BMF as a companion to Power Book III: Raising Kanan, however once its season ended, BMF seemed to fade into the background.

Inspired by the true story of the Flenory brothers, who built a powerful mafia family from nothing, BMF wraps up its first season just in time for Thanksgiving, making it perfect to jump into. Eight episodes will keep everyone occupied as the itis kicks in after dinner.

None of us are happy about it, but yes, this is the final season of Insecure. What makes Insecure so perfect for a holiday binge is that it has something everyone in your family will like. Your parents will love Molly’s blunt parents, your sister will definitely see herself in Condola’s so-over-Lawrence sister and the reason we love Issa is because we’re all painfully awkward at some point.

By the time we hit the big weekend, season 5 will be at the halfway point. Thanksgiving can be tense, so why not let Issa and Molly’s complicated love lives and Kelli’s always hilarious shenanigans ease all the weirdness of seeing some family members for the first time in two years?

This is a binge for the serious TV watchers. If you plan to hole up all weekend with leftovers, and avoid the chaos, first of all, congrats. Second of all, may we interest you in a full series binge of This is Us?

Ahead of the final season premiere Jan. 4, get a jump on the tears with all 88 episodes. Yes, it’s a lot, but if you cut off all contact with the outside world Wed-Sun, you should be able to handle it. A This is Us binge will definitely take an emotional toll, but don’t worry, the rest of that sweet potato pie is there to make you feel better.

With all the prestige TV and sports on, Queens may have slipped past your radar, which means its midseason hiatus is the best time to get onboard. The soapy drama stars Brandy, Eve, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez as the members of a ‘90s hip hop girl group who reunite as middle aged women.

With themes of female empowerment combined with paternity questions, cheating husbands, sexual identity and long lost mothers, all set to an amazing soundtrack, this is the best show you’re not watching. Since we’ve all become so good at binging, six episodes should be light work after Black Friday shopping.

Honestly, there’s never a bad time to binge The Mandalorian. However, with spinoff The Book of Boba Fett set to hit Disney+ Dec. 29, the long weekend is a good chance to catch up on the entire series. It’s only 16 episodes.

The Mandalorian takes place five years after Return of the Jedi, and follows Pedro Pascal’s bounty hunter as he cares for The Child aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu. You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy it, though that does help. Plus, it’s a family friendly show, so everyone can sit down and watch this one together. We promise one episode and you’ll be hooked.



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