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(Indianapolis, IN.)  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Loundianapolisisville Colonels have been added to the record-setting expansion
for the upcoming season.  “The ABA has a long history with Louisville as the Kentucky Colonels were one of the premier teams in the original ABA,” stated
ABA CEO.  “And under the leadership of Alex Banks, we believe that his team will bring back some of the greatest ABA memories.”
Alex Banks was born and raised in Louisville and has been a natural coach and mentor for as long as he can remember.  From having a
passion for basketball while in school to joining the military to then working full time for a sales and marketing firm which led to owning and operating
his own sales and consulting firm in multiple cities.  Alex is also helping ABA teams as an Executive of ABA Sales & Marketing.
“It’s my true passion to help people find their passion,” stated Banks.  “Coaching and mentoring others have always been a part of my life.  Creating the
Louisville Colonels team gives us an opportunity to integrate the love of basketball giving players an opportunity to play on a professional level and grow
after high school while also training valuable skill sets in the field of business and entrepreneurship.  We want our players to thrive on and off the court,
helping to set themselves up for a better future during and after their career is crucial.  Teaching them to dig deep into their passion, do everything with]
integrity and achieve the goal of being the best version of one-self.”
Alex continued, “in the words of Kobe Bryant, “the constant quest to be the best version of one-self.”  “As Kobe being one of my biggest inspirations, this quote
resonates with me on such a deep level and keeps me striving to continuously better myself while uplifting and bettering others along the way.”

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