Black Man Gets Paid $650k for Getting Stomped by South Carolina Police Officer

Feels good when you get compensated for the terrible things someone did to you, especially when it’s a cop. That’s the case of Clarence Gailyard, a Black man who was stomped on by a white South Carolina police officer. Gailyard will get a $650,000 pay out from the city of Orangeburg.

I’m not trying to put down South Carolina, but it’s not shocking to see an officer from the Palmetto state commit bad acts against us. Last month, a South Carolina police chief was sued for sending racist texts.

Back in July, a Black man in South Carolina was arrested for literally no reason.

So seeing a white cop from this state doing something like this ain’t shocking. What is surprising to me …is the fact that something was done about it. Here’s the story:



Officer David Lance Dukes, the perfect name for a racist, was caught on body camera footage stomping Gailyard in the head and yelling at him to “Get on the ground!” on July 26. The stomp caused Gailyard to hit his forehead on the pavement.

Per the report from the New York Times, Gailyard was not able to quickly put his legs on the ground because he has metal rods and pins in his leg and hip.

That didn’t matter to the officer. He was too busy flexing his authority on the back of Gailyard’s head. And it cost him.

From The New York Times:

Mr. Gailyard sustained a head injury. He was stopped by the police that day after “an erroneous 911 call placed stating someone out there had a gun,” his lawyer, Justin Bamberg, said.

Mr. Gailyard, who has had rods and pins in his body since being struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle a few years ago, was holding a piece of wood wrapped in duct tape that he used to keep stray dogs away when he went walking, Mr. Bamberg said.

In a statement on Wednesday, the city said that in addition to an apology, Mr. Gailyard would receive the compensation paid by the city’s insurance carrier. City officials said that the city would also establish a citizens’ task force to “provide oversight and guidance with regard to interactions” between residents and the Orangeburg police.

According to the New York Times, the Orangeburg City Administrator Sidney Evering said “when an officer falls short of these expectations and conducts themselves in ways unbecoming to their department and the city, that officer must and will be held accountable. That’s exactly what we have done in this instance.”

Doubt they have in other instances though.

Dukes was fired from the police and charged with first-degree assault and battery. Hopefully, he gets convicted.

In any case, Mr. Gailyard got his bag.

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