Boston Man Charged With Sexually Abusing Horse Is Held Without Bail

at a night mare.

A Boston man has been arrested and held without bail for the alleged offense of sexually abusing a horse after earlier this month in Massachusetts.

Jackson Z. Kelley, 19, is accused of making sexual contact with an animal, cruelty to animals and nighttime breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony. He turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday morning, local news outlet WCVB reported.

Kelley, who, judging by his mug shot, appears to be a Black man, was identified by the owner of a stable that he is accused of breaking into in Norfolk, which is about 32 miles southwest of Boston.

The owner said she got an electronic alert that there was a breach at her stable and claimed she saw Kelley having sex with one of the horses via a surveillance camera in the early morning hours of this past Friday. The owner provided police with a screenshot of a person who resembles Kelley very much with his pants around his ankles and standing on a step ladder. After police made the photo public, a tipster helped identify Kelley as the alleged culprit.

Every surveillance camera in the stable was deactivated by Kelley except for one, the owner said.

Authorities have collected DNA samples for further proof.

Before Kelley was identified and arrested, Swarr told the MetroWest Daily News that she thought the person she saw on video was “a sexual predator.” Swarr also suggested that he must work with horses, based on what she saw in the video.

“Someone, perhaps, in the business was savvy enough to get into the barn; be able to halter a horse, which to people who are novice, was not the easiest task; was able to put it on a cross-tie system, which secures the horse in a certain, particular area; and had the know how to get grain or feed to keep it occupied,” Swarr said.

Swarr also added: “To have someone break into your barn, pick out a horse like it’s a lady lover, pull her out and maneuver yourself in such a manner for self-gratification is beyond me.”

The horse’s owner, who did not officially identify themself, called the allegations a “grotesque act” and expressed relief that that police had a suspect in custody.

“If it weren’t for good surveillance, we’d never know about this,” the owner said in a brief statement. “No one should experience sexual assault, and we will find this individual and bring him to justice.”

Kelley was being held without bail on the felony charges and was scheduled to have a “dangerousness hearing” on Friday.

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