Fox News Couldn’t Wait to Politicize Colin Powell’s Death

Anti-vaxxers have literally begun hijacking the death of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell from complications of COVID-19 as proof that the vaccine doesn’t work. They conveniently don’t mention that Powell was severely autoimmune compromised with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that attacks the immune system, or that he was 84 years old.

Nope. All they know is that Powell was vaccinated and yet still contracted and died from complications of COVID-19 and for them, that is enough to continue their dumbass crusade to kill the world.

On Monday, news spread that Colin Powell had lost his battle with age and blood cancer while dealing with complications from the coronavirus. All Fox News needed to hear was “fully vaccinated” and “complications from coronavirus” and it didn’t take long for them to use their fake news programs to create a narrative about the ineffectiveness of coronavirus vaccines.

HuffPost notes that “hosts Tucker Carlson, Will Cain and John Roberts each faced backlash for their commentary.”


Cain used the news of Powell’s death to rail against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. He claimed there’d be calls for “more truth from our government” and noted that fully vaccinated people are being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19, even though the vast majority of victims are unvaccinated.

Roberts deleted a widely criticized tweet saying Powell’s death “raises new questions” about the shots, replacing it with a thread saying he was not anti-vaccine.

Carlson, meanwhile, suggested Americans are “being lied to” about the vaccines. He did not appear to reference Powell’s other health issues until the end of his broadcast.

As per usual, CNN’s Don Lemon is over Fox News.

“The man had just died and this guy couldn’t wait to make it into a fight about vaccine mandates. It is disgraceful,” Lemon said of Cain.

Fox News knows that this kind of broadcast is irresponsible—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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