Get the Vaccine, Deadass: Blac Chyna Goes Off on Fans About Vaccines at Miami Airport

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Forget Dr. Fauci. It looks like Blac Chyna is doing what needs to be done when it comes to encouraging others to get the vaccine.

OK, well that’s putting it lightly don’t you think?

Stay focused. According to TMZ, the reality TV star was caught going off on fans (and no one in particular at the same time) over the weekend while in the middle of a terminal at Miami International airport. Though what sparked her rant is unclear, folks who were present at the time claim that it all started when a fan and her baby approached Chyna for a picture. That’s when she began to talk about the vaccine and…a whole bunch of other stuff.

“Nobody wants to get checked out. Go get checked out, it’s sad. And it really blows the fuck out of me. And y’all want people to represent for the Black community, like for real…Go get the shot. Tetanus shot every ten years, the same shit that you have to [do], the same thing that you have to do to enroll your kids, if you got kids..,” Blac Chyna said to no one in particular before engaging with one person that was filming. “See this is why people’s grandparents is dying and shit. Check this out—my grandmama been dead. My grandmama been dead. [sic]”

Wow. Umm, Message received. I think?

Right? While I’m pretty sure her delivery, voice volume and random interjections caught most folks off guard, I don’t want the critical part of this rant to get lost in translation: GO GET VACCINATED. You’ve even got more than enough options to choose from now.

Don’t want to be a Pfizer Papi or Princess? You can be a Moderna Mami or a Moderna Man. Neither one of those titles float your boat? You can be a Johnson & Johnson Jawn! We have been in this hellhole called a pandemic long enough. It’s time we all stop being stupid and get this vaccine.


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