IBA and BeMore Green celebrate Juneteenth opening of the BeMore Green Grocery Store by Phinesse Demps(Indie Soul Magazine)

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The first black-owned grocery store to sell all black-owned products in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore (June 17, 2021) IBA and BeMore Green is hosting a hybrid event where people can come to the store as well as watch the HBCU Battle of the Bands, the black business bike tour, and more. Anyone will be able to purchase items from the grocery store from the IBA APP  (Link Here) on the google play store. Use Referral Code 262712 when accessed. The link will take you to the google play store. If you have an iPhone or Android phone.

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What are some of the items that one will be available to purchase? Products being sold at the BeMore Green Grocery Store: Ujamaa Light Bulbs, K-Cotton Swabs, Laundry Detergent, Coffee Beans, Garbage Bags, Zach & Zoe Honey, BBQ Sauce, Fruits & Vegetables and more. Senator Hayes will be in attendance with media coverage from Channels 2 & 13 will be there.

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According to Kilo Allen, Chairman of the I.B.A, Indigenous Business Association, “We are not claiming to be the first black-owned grocery store in the area. We are claiming to be the first Black-owned Grocery Store to sell ALL Black-owned products. Also we are the first black-owned grocery store that provides and is powered by Pure-Light (germ killing light bulbs).” The products that are in the store are listed on the app under the BeMore Green tab.  With regards to The Battle of the Bands; the bands will not physically be there. Tickets are being sold on Eventbrite where everyone will receive the information to view it after purchase.

PR Contact Name Kilo Allen

Phone number: 443-226-7776

Email: blackdragonssovereign@gmail.com

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