Indie Soul Review:Organic(Chrissy) by Phinesse Demps

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Can I be honest with you readers and fans of Indie Soul, this was supposed to be a review of Marquis Houston,’ new project but I am a sucker for unknown artists especially if their sound is DOPE. Chrissy checks all of these boxes.



Chrissy’s project is simply entitled Organic; there are two versions of “Organic”: one consists of just 7 tracks and then there is the deluxe version which has 17 tracks. Trust me to get the Deluxe version. Don’t tease yourself with just 7 songs project is carefully crafted with that simple Acoustic Vibe with simple name song titles:


Now let’s just go back to an earlier statement with regards to Chrissy, being an unknown music artist. She is not new to music as her dad is the legendary Chris Stokes, who is an American filmmaker, former record executive, and talent manager.  Having a superstar dad really helps since he can offer advice and tips on making it not just as a singer, but modeling and acting which Chrissy dabbles info those areas of art/entertainment.


With regards to her music and setting a standard for future young ones to follow, she definitely is all hands-on Chrissy takes it upon herself to make sure the words she sings are her thoughts and feelings, so she has taken the responsibility to be the writer on her project. The lyrics are like a poetic diary. This will remind you of the Janet Jackson album Control, simple for the mature sound and truthfulness of just being innocent and taking things slow.  Check the track Conversations, where she is letting her love interest know that she is not done doing anything more until she gets to them. It leads to a series of things she wants to know before moving forward.


Lowkey features Marquis Houston, is another feature because once again it is not about how fast one goes or about constantly being seen, but just keeping things on the low and seeing where the relationship goes.

Knowing how important to stay true to the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses when it comes to dating and marriage, Chrissy has really shown what a courting experience can be like and allow love to manifest, which, Organic, simply does, it is a mature sound for folks who want love and who want to be in love.

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