Mary Miller Releases Plan to Make Transportation Work for Baltimore

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The first multimodal transportation plan released in the mayoral candidate field, Miller’s plan features four policies to make public transportation and mobility a top priority in Baltimore
BALTIMORE, MD – Today, Former Obama administration official and Democratic mayoral candidate Mary Miller released her plan to make transportation work for Baltimore. The plan highlights the inequity of Baltimore’s current transportation system and the impacts on health, sustainability, and economic mobility. The next Mayor of Baltimore must advocate for improvements to increase transportation justice.
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In a city where one-third of residents don’t have access to a car, poor public transit becomes a barrier to gaining employment, grocery shopping, or even getting your child to school on time. In fact, 23% of workers in Baltimore spend 45 minutes or more community one way.
“Commuting time absolutely determines the odds of escaping poverty,” said Mary Miller. “Baltimore can’t afford to have a weak transportation system that doesn’t serve the most vulnerable populations.”
As Mayor, Mary will improve transportation and mobility for everyone in Baltimore by:
  1. Taking Greater Local Control,
  2. Improving Bus Service Equitably,
  3. Making the City Safer for Pedestrians and Bicyclists, and
  4. Expanding Students’ Access to Transit.
Baltimore can’t just rely on the state to improve our transportation service. As Mayor, Mary will support moving to a Regional Transportation Authority to serve Baltimore and surrounding counties. This move will allow Baltimore to better control the destiny of our transportation infrastructure.
Elect Mary Miller for Mayor
The first candidate in the Baltimore mayoral race to release a multimodal transportation plan, Mary Miller is committed to solving intersectional equity issues to create a stronger economy and inclusive growth. Mary’s time in the Obama Administration gave her the experience to tackle complex problems. Since launching in January, Mary has released a plan to Make Baltimore Safe for Everyone, Create Inclusive Growth, and Strengthen our Education System, all tying into her plan to Make Baltimore more Transit-Oriented.
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