Maryland Woman Launches Luxe, Lifestyle Brand in Baltimore County

(Owings Mills, MD) –  Alicia B. Williams, Owings Mills resident, wife, mother, sister, transplant-survivor, and corporate administrator – launched Luxe & Ash, a lifestyle brand in Baltimore County, Maryland. To date, the brand offers Artisan bath products including hand-made custom soaps, bath salts, and other bath products that are vegan, sustainable, and gluten-free.

“I was raised in North Carolina by my grandparents, two of the most amazing people I have ever known,” said Alicia Williams, founder, and creator of Luxe & Ash. “The company is the realization of my childhood dream – starting a business based on my family’s heritage and culture.”

“As a transplant survivor with sensitive skin, it was important that our first offering be a natural soap line for everyday skincare,” said Williams. “I suffered from a variety of skin conditions including dry skin and uneven skin tone, which later became an inspiration for the Luxe & Ash bath products.”

Luxe & Ash’s Artisan Bath Collections are a convergence of visual artistry, essential oils, and natural organic ingredients, such as aloe, beet powder, and seaweed, to name a few. Luxe & Ash’s handcrafted soaps have soothing lathers and earth-inspired scents that will bring beauty and luxury to the bath experience and are designed to soothe dry and problematic prone skin. The Limited Collection commemorates life’s memorable moments and special occasions.

“Throughout life’s challenges, I’ve held on to my commitments of family and realizing my dreams,” Williams continued.  “I am motivated by my desire to teach others about my southern Black cultural traditions of natural soap making while inspiring women, girls, and others to manifest their own dreams.”

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