Mean Girl Megyn Kelly Says Some Nasty Things about Kamala Harris’ Viral Interview With Drew Barrymore

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Megyn Kelly, who regularly spews white supremacist rhetoric on her eponymous show, shared her two cents about VP Kamala Harris’ viral Monday interview segment on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

During it, Harris discussed being mocked for her laugh and the adversity she has faced as this country’s first Black woman vice president. “You were asking me earlier about what it means to be, like, the first woman. And, you know, it’s funny, because people still got to get used to this, right?” Harris said.

“Apparently some people like to talk about the way I laugh.” The vice president continued:

“I have my mother’s laugh, and I grew up, around a bunch of women in particular, who laughed from the belly. They would sit around in the kitchen drinking their coffee, telling big stories with big laughs…I think it’s really important for us to remind each other, and our younger ones, don’t be confined to other’s people’s perception about what this looks like and how you should act in order to be. It’s important.”

Harris made valid points. Barrymore—in her trademark affectionate fashion—said the country could use a hug and said that Harris could be America’s “momala.” Of course, Kelly couldn’t wait to tear both women apart—even though she only watched the preview clip instead of the entire interview.

“It’s classic Kamala Harris trying to offer fake profundities with her fake affect when she’s saying nothing,” Kelly said. “She delivers her normal air sandwich and even worse is Drew Barrymore leaning in, she must be three inches away from Kamala Harris.”

Kelly also said that “no one gives a s**t that she got the laugh from the mother” and “what you’re seeing up there is entirely performative by both women.” She added that Harris “laughs at the wrong times.” The gag is Kelly is peak performative white woman who uses racism to fuel her conservative brand.

In the past, Kelly has defended blackface, said Santa Claus and Jesus were white, stated that Sandra Bland would be alive is she just cooperated with police and that Black people suffer from a “thug mentality.” This is just another example of the right-wing commentator using any excuse to attack a Black person.

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