Music Review: Black Butterfly (Esha Shaunte) by Phinesse Demps

Black Butterfly was released in February 2022 under the indie label UnexpectedOriginals. Truly one of the most underrated Indie Soul Artists to date. Esha lets you know straight from the first track who she is and that the vibe is unapologetically Soul/Black. One other aspect is the Spiritual vibe you feel throughout all 11 tracks.


What one will truly appreciate about Esha is the way she sings about love and appreciation of a Black Man, whom she courts vocally by showing honor, love, and respect for the Black Man. The other gift that Shaunte delivers with passion is the joy of Blackness. Check the song Black Butterfly.  Shaunte tackles the topic of love and romance by keeping things pure and honest without the talk about sex and intimacy, like some of today’s music artists who just want t be seen and heard, Check the song Core

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Esha Shaunte keeps it Black & Classy both in her writing and song delivery. The production matches her moods, thoughts, and vibes perfectly. Even the interludes are on point (Johnny Appleseed).


The ultimate song on Black Butterfly is the anthem for possibly every black woman, Melanin Lady, first she hits you with some Spoken Word, then breaks into song. Fo’sure a winner. 

Yet, as a former DeeJay, I love those midtempo grooves and Esha Shaunte delivers with Date Night and Tired.


The last full track is a song asking for forgiveness, Forgive Me, which with today’s standards, you rarely hear people admit to making mistakes in a relationship they just place blame, Esha does the opposite.


Do yourself a favor, if you love the ideas and soul music, then stream Black Butterfly by Esha Shante, preferably via Tidal, as the indie artist makes more money with this platform than any other streaming music platform.

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