Music Review: Teddy Bryant “In the Beginning”


There is plenty of music that gets released on the regular. Back in the ’80s & ’90s, you knew when new music was going to be released and who to look for. The deejays, on the radio, had more freedom to introduce to breakout artists. Your club deejays searched to find that gem before anyone else had the music and really broke artists and influenced Music and Program Directors to get on their job and play the artist that the streets were listening to.  Times have changed. The streaming game has changed the way music is released. Artists now are more interested in releasing EP’s instead of thinking about creating a complete body of work. Teddy Bryant is that throwback. 

Teddy Bryant’s “In the Beginning”

“In the Beginning” from Teddy Bryant, takes you on a musical journey of what soul is. There are elements of traditional R & B, Jazz, and a touch of Hip-Hop vibe. More importantly, what Teddy Bryant has done with this project, is tell a complete story musically. The cover of the project sets the tone and really gets you ready to embrace what music is supposed and how to be consumed. The programming of live instruments takes you back to the Quincy Jones/Rod Temperton produced music of the 70’s/80’s. The vocal harmonizing and backgrounds are like a fine glass of wine blended well together for a smooth sound that you just can’t listen to once. The lyrics and messaging give the project the added boost because of the positive feeling that is sung by Bryant. 


The most intriguing aspect of “In the Beginning” is that Bryant allows himself to be vulnerable, especially when it comes to love. There is not one bad song on this project. Favorite songs: Are You Lonely, Stay With Me, and I Dream of you.

To purchase the music of Teddy Bryant, visit, or stream on your favorite streaming platform like TIDAL.


Phinesse Demps

Indie Soul Magazine

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