Annie J gives us an adult soul groove

Over the past few years we’ve talked about the emerging soul music scene in the Pacific Northwest, and pop and soul singer Annie J is a great addition to that scene. Annie has been supporting other artists and singing in groups for a few years, and now she is moving to the front of the stage as a solo singer.

Annie’s debut single “Slow It Back Down” rides a midtempo groove that fits nicely in the fantastic adult soul pantheon that indie stations in the US and Europe have been celebrating in 2021. It is a sneak peek at her upcoming project Get Back.

We’re glad to hear this talented new singer and are even happier that we get to introduce her to SoulTrackers with this World Premiere of “Slow It Back Down.” Check it out below and welcome Annie J to SoulTracks.

World Premiere
Annie J – “Slow It Back Down”