Tatiana Scott finds clarity on “I Don’t Choose You”

You hear a lot of influences in the “IDCU (I Don’t Choose You),” the latest singer by Bridgeport, CT. born and New York City trained vocalist Tatiana Scott. There’s some folk, pop, soul, gospel and a bit of hip hop with her melodic flow near the song’s end.

Scott says the inability for anybody to pin a specific genre on her is intentional. “I just want my music to speak to the hearts of those who listen to it, I want them to be ok with their vulnerability no matter what they may be feeling at the time,” Scott says.

“I Don’t Choose You” is described as “soulful, heartfelt moment of clarity.” The track leads in with an acoustic guitar along with piano and keyboard flourished that set up Scott’s intimate and emotive vocals on a track that tells the story of a woman who chooses her well-being and peace of mind over a relationship that affirms neither.  Check “I Don’t Choose You” here.

By Howard Dukes

Tatiana Scott – “I Don’t Choose You”