New Music Release, Camera Soul: “Esagerato” by Phinesse Demps (Indie Soul Magazine)


When it comes to SOUL MUSIC, one starts to realize that music artists in other countries TRULY appreciate the entire experience and catalog of Black Music. There is a greater desire to stay true to the sound and message of SOUL.



In an interview with the lead singer, Maria Enrica Lotesoiere talks about the band’s love of old school bands and artists like the Commodores, the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Sarah Vaugh, Diana Ross, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Stevie Wonder and Etta James.


Ao who is Camera Soul? They are an original Jazz/Soul/Funk Band, who may not get a ton of love and respect for their style of music from where they are in Italy, but the International for this group is incredible! The 


Their latest project, Esagerato is exactly what we needed during this Covid19 pandemic! The first single with a video that is out now ( Link for video: is truly an ode to the Funk Sound, full of horns and keys! The video was shot and directed by Maria Enrica Lotesoiere’s husband.


What you will enjoy about Camera Soul is that care about the lyrics and sound. There are 11 OUTSTANDING songs with a blend of ALL aspects of Soul Music. For the two-steppers: What’s Happened Mr. Sunalk is a bouncy groove that will get your foot just moving without even trying. If you want to chill with that someone special and just go for a ride, pop opens a bottle of wine, listen to the track, In the Mood for Love.  With so much going on in the world, Camera Soul has a song that is about hope and inspiration, We’ll Rise Again, that will have you repeating the hook over and over. For you Classic Jazz lovers, this gem is for you, Shades of Winter. No project is complete there is a love song for the lovers, Sometimes Together, is a winner. This song captures that churchy-soul vibe and Maria’s voice wraps around the musicians BEAUTIFULLY.

Produced by Mr. Marco Rossi of Azzurra Music (Verona) and released and marketed in the Americas by Kathryn Ballard Shut of TIMKAT Entertainment (Denver, Colorado). Camera Soul is based in southern Italy (Bari) and led by veteran composer-arranger brothers Piero and Pippo Lombardo. Esagerato is available on all streaming platforms.

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