See What This Grown Man Allegedly Did to Hospitalize a 15-Year-Old Black McDonald’s Employee

A 25-year-old man was arrested after allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old McDonald’s employee.


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Screenshot: St. Louis County Jail, Facebook

St. Louis police placed a man in custody after he was seen on video weeks ago in a World-Star-worthy brawl at a McDonald’s, leading an employee to be hospitalized with serious injuries.

On April 8, officers responded to the Mickey D’s on Parker Road after a caller reported a group of people fighting in the parking lot. Much of the chaos was caught on video — most notably, an adult man is seen dragging 15-year-old Aryiah Lynch by her braids and repeatedly punching her square in the face as she wears her uniform.

Lynch’s alleged attacker, Johnny Ricks, was charged with assault and property damage. He is currently being held on a $150,000 bond, per The New York Post.

Lynch told First Alert 4 the incident began when an unruly group of customers pulled up to the drive-thru actin’ ignant. When she asked them to step inside instead to have their order taken, all hell broke loose.

Read more from First Alert 4 News:

She said once the customers came inside, they took swings, tossed objects, and even spit on at least four McDonald’s employees.

“‘That’s nasty, how would you like it if someone was to spit on you?’” asked Jahmia Stokes, who was also working that day. “Then he lunged towards me and told me he was going to punch me.”

According to a release from police, Ricks had gotten upset and destroyed an electronic menu board by throwing a tray at it.

The fight then moved outside, and that’s when the video seemingly shows a man dragging Lynch across the asphalt, bashing her head into the concrete before eventually hitting her in the face.

According to a GoFundMe organized by Lynch’s mother, Shawnunique Phillips, the teen suffered skull fracture, frontal lobe damage, a broken nose, a concussion as well as several lacerations. She had to undergo surgery but her mother said she made a fine recovery.

The whole situation left the teen shook. “Getting stomped out by a grown man? I wasn’t prepared for what was gonna happen,” she told First Alert 4.


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