Soul on Soul with Phinesse Radio Show/Podcast


Officially the Covid-19 Pandemic shut down the United States where there was no movement. There was no sign as to how long this was going to last. When it came down to the entertainment and media world, especially for small business outlets there was starting to be this thought that this was going to be a make, maintain, or break business progress and process.

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Zoom was the saving grace for Media, Big or small IF you chose to research what Zoom was about. The Soul Media Group had to decide how they were going to move forward, especially since they could no longer to in-person events and promotions, movie reviews, or interviews. With the decision to try Zoom, because they had a huge interview with singer-songwriter, producer Will Downing. Being one of the very few, who decided to try Zoom.

The pandemic has been a saving grace for the Soul Media Group. Why so? It forced The Soul Media Group to reorganize and dump business that was hurting not only the process of growth but the progress. Understanding how the NEW technology of Zoom opened up their business model and forced them to pivot to their strengths where their success did not have to be tied to others of their media group. The discussion of a Radio Show/Podcast was discussed, but now it now possible with Zoom. October 2020 gave birth to “Soul on Soul with Phinesse “ Radio Show/Podcast was born and it has been nothing but pure success ever since.

“Soul on Soul with Phinesse” was something that an adjustment to the producers as well as host; from making sure records were airable, the use of proper equipment, and now with the capability to do interviews in other countries, was learning the various Time Zones, adhering to not only an interview schedule but editing schedule, more importantly respecting their vision of interviewing Soul Artist with a nod to indie Soul Artist: Tracy Cruz, Camera Soul, St. Jaimz, Skip Martin, Mahoganee, and others. “Soul on Soul with Phinesse” Podcast is available on the Platform, Podbean,, and has been featured as one of the Best Podcasts for November. Because of the popularity of the show, the show is now available on Spotify, Amazon, iHeart, and Tune-in.

What next for “Soul on Soul with Phinesse”? According to the Soul Media Group, they are testing the radio syndication to see if other stations, would be interested in having “Soul on Soul with Phinesse” on their station. For more information email: If you are interested in starting a podcast:

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