Trump Sues New York’s Black Woman Attorney General

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Talk about irony: Donald Trump wants to force New York’s attorney general to stop investigating his shady businesses, arguing in a new lawsuit that she’s on a politically motivated witch hunt against him. Poor lil tink tink.

Trump sued Letitia James, the Empire State’s first Black woman AG, in federal court on Monday, asking a judge to stop James’ civil probe and to keep her from working with federal prosecutors who are conducting a criminal investigation. James recently announced that she was dropping her planned bid to be New York’s next governor and in the meantime, she wants to subpoena Trump to testify about his businesses under oath.

If you’re wondering whether that has anything to do with Trump’s latest lawsuit, imagine telling more than 30,000 lies in the last four years and trying to keep them all straight while being questioned by a Black woman with the power to charge you with perjury. I’d rather hoop on ice in unlaced Chucks.

But Trump’s lawyers want everyone to believe he’s being politically persecuted.

From the New York Times

The suit, filed in federal court in Albany by Mr. Trump and his family real estate business, argues that Ms. James’s involvement in both inquiries has been politically motivated. It lists statements she has made that Mr. Trump’s lawyers argue are evidence of her bias against him.

“Her mission is guided solely by political animus and a desire to harass, intimidate, and retaliate against a private citizen who she views as a political opponent,” the suit reads.

It’s giving senility, because Trump seems to have forgotten how much of his presidency he spent using the Justice Department as his own personal legal team. A federal judge even ruled that Trump’s former personal attorney was unlawfully thrown back in jail in retaliation for writing a book about him.

If it helps Trump feel better, at least James can’t put him in jail because her investigation is civil, not criminal, the Times reports. But even if he succeeds in stopping her work, he could still face federal criminal charges and has all manner of other legal problems ahead.

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