What’s the Story Behind Human Remains Found in the Freezer of a Brooklyn Couple’s Apartment?

Heather Stines, the woman living in the apartment, is considered a person of interest in the case.

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On Monday, New York City Police discovered human remains in the freezer of a Brooklyn apartment belonging to a white couple, identifying them as a Black male drug dealer who went missing less than a year ago.

According to the New York Post, when authorities arrived at the apartment, they found a human head and body parts stored in black plastic bags. The woman, Heather Stines, is putting all of the blame on her husband, Nicholas McGee, claiming that he killed Kawsheen Gelzer and placed his remains in September 2023 following a disagreement over a drug transaction.

Stines is aconsidered a person of interest by the NYPD and is currently in police custody. McGee is currently sitting in a Virginia jail after allegedly trying to cash a fraudulent check, according to The Independent.

Police received an anonymous tip early Monday morning about a body stashed in Stines’ Brooklyn apartment and immediately acted on the info.

More from the New York Post:

Cops found the refrigerator taped shut and took Stines into custody when she tried to stop them from looking inside — where the head and other body parts were on ice, the sources said…

According to sources, Stines allegedly identified the drug dealer from a photograph and said a tattoo on the dismembered body matched one worn by the missing man.

Neighbors in the building said Wednesday that Stines would occasionally allow the missing drug dealer to sleep in the apartment in the past — but in recent months wouldn’t let visitors near her fridge.

Gelzer was 40 when he was last seen alive and was previously arrested for crimes including assaulting a police officer and throwing dice, according to NBC New York.  Stines is currently being watched by authorities at a Brooklyn hospital.

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