My Soul Radio (www.mysoulradio.com) is an internet radio station that primarily targets urban listeners. My Soul Radio has a strong advantage over its terrestrial cousin merely by the fact we can be broadcast to computers and other devices located in far-reaching parts of the world. We are the Station that is keeping you contacted to the old, new and now!!

My Soul Radio station focuses primarily on marketing to Urban Music listeners between the ages of 18 and 62. Our playlists are entirely made up of hits by the top-selling artist from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, as well as independent artists within the urban genre.

Urban contemporary radio stations feature a playlist made up entirely of Hip Hop / Rap, Contemporary R&B, Pop, Electronica, Caribbean music and Neo Soul. Urban contemporary was developed through the characteristics of genres such as R&B and Soul. Virtually all Urban contemporary formatted radio stations are located in cities that have sizeable African-American populations, such as Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Dallas-Forth Worth, Houston-Galveston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Detroit, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Chicago. My Soul Radio will focus on those markets as well as markets that may not have sizable African – American population. Urban Contemporary music is worldwide.

Internet radio broadcasting primarily targeting urban markets has significant growth potential. We have a competitive advantage in these markets and the radio industry in general. Our focus to expand within urban markets over the internet, skills in programming and marketing to these markets, and our turnaround expertise, MySoulRadio.com will become a sizable force within the years to come.