Nationwide ( — Chad Briscoe and his son, Jamir, have created a basketball training tool called Ball By Yourself® Strap, the world’s first and only basketball training tool that allows players to train 100% of the time without ever chasing after loose balls, focusing on fitness, basketball skill development and safety while creating muscle memory through repetition.

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Being a former European Professional Basketball player, former college All-American & former college and high school coach, Chad knows a thing or two about how important skill development is. His product works effectively for all players from age 5 up to adults.

He comments, “With the help of my son, I created Ball By Yourself® Strap to give kids an opportunity to see someone who looks like them who also had similar aspirations as them growing up to play professionally. My goal was to also help those who do want to ‘go pro’ to realize that they can do so in something other than just playing sports.”

“The reality is that only 1.3% of college players get drafted by the NBA, and they need to know that there are other career paths in the sports industry,” Chad adds. “Through our impact, they will be inspired to formulate ideas that will possibly create products that will enhance the whole sports industry.”

Ball By Yourself® is currently being used by AAU, High School, College and D-league players across the country and has been sold to players in Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Australia, and the UK. The product is also used as a physical fitness tool by kids and adults. It supports the rehabilitation of injured players as well as patients with muscle restrictions (helping with arthritis to loosen muscles with passing & dribbling repetitions) and those who are wheelchair users.

With the collaboration between the NBA and the continent of Africa, children and adults from all 54 countries will have an opportunity to use this new training tool which promotes fundamentals without requiring a basketball court or even a partner. The product allows players to use their own 27.5, 28.5 or 29.5 basketball with the strap for convenience.

Ball By Yourself® is currently being sold online at as well as at AAU tournaments, camps, and clinics across the country. The company was a vendor at last year’s Jam-On-It tournament in Reno, Nevada – the largest AAU basketball tournament in the country, hosting over 1,100 youth basketball teams. They sold out of their products after the first day of the event.

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