Groov and Raheem Kashon deliver on “No Right Way”

With the “Black Lives Matter” movement now reaching a fever pitch since the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, both attributed to police brutality that spurred a national wave of protests, many artists are turning to music to help shape, frame and define the narrative. And Grammy-nominated Atlanta-based producer Groov is lending his voice to the cause with a new single, “No Right Way.”

The song, inspired by recent events, gets into the meat and potatoes of Malcolm X theology  (“by any means necessary”) as to how one should advocate for change: “There is no wrong way to fight/Don’t let them define your resistance,” R&B singer-songwriter Raheem Kashon proclaims on the catchy chorus. Although the song stops short of giving the green light on rioting or looting, you can sense their frustration with abiding by the same old routine and getting little to no results. The frustration is heard at the top of the song: “A letter thrown into a building, a prayer shot into a chest/Let’s make a march down to your feelings, a meditation, make it a vest.” With the slick R&B swag packed with neo-soul swirls and Al Green-meets-Musiq Soulchild vibes, its timely message of resilience somehow comes across like petals from a rose. “I know, I know you do what you think is truth/But remember this here truth: no one can speak truth for you.”

And four minutes in, the song shifts and segues into a Moog-sprinkled breezy funk encapsulated inside sweet harmonies repeating “it all matters in the end.”

Check out “No Right Way” and let us know if you’re marching to the beat of Groov’s drum.

By J Matthew Cobb