Kelly Price is having a “Dance Party”

Kelly Price has flirted with gospel music throughout much of her career. She’s sung alongside gospel greats like Donald Lawrence, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Karen Clark-Sheard and even held down a seat at the judges’ table on BET’s Sunday Best.  Witnessing her move back into gospel territory for her second gospel collection to date (Grace, a six-track EP to be released later in 2021), her first for Motown Gospel, isn’t that much of a surprise.

And coming straight out of the heavenly gates is “Dance Party,” a jubilant song that marinates EDM-pinched disco with Sunday morning praise break riffs. The spirited chorus lifts a public domain refrain often heard in black churches (“I wanna dance, I wanna dance and I’m gonna do it now”) and is fully surrounded by new verses showcasing Price’s commitment and devotion to God. “I don’t need a beat/I don’t need a reason/Got my hands and feet, I know how to use ‘em,” she sings.

Check out the inspirational dance track and let us know if you’re enjoying the praise party.