Racist White Florida Woman Placed on Leave From School Job After Calling Kids ‘Half Breeds’

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In the latest episode of racist Karens, a woman who is reportedly employed at a Florida elementary school was placed on leave after video allegedly captured her hurling racist and ableist insults towards young children and residents of the Kings Lake neighborhood in Collier County, Fla.

This is a special type of Karen (check out Michael Harriot’s “6 Types of Karens”) who seems to hate everyone, no matter their race. For years, even her neighbors have complained of her territorial attitude about a pathway near her home that is available for public use. But the video that seems to have gotten her in trouble has her spouting racism and insults against people with disabilities from her car.

The white woman, reportedly named Patricia Schmidt, is employed as an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Specialist at Lely Elementary School, according to NBC2.

“Your son must be special ed,” the woman yelled at one woman who was walking her foster child down the street. “He’s a retard. Your son is a retard.”

The neighbors say they just want peace and fear someone will get hurt if the woman’s behavior continues. Everyone in the neighborhood knows who the woman is and did in fact identify her as Patricia Schmidt, who works at the Lely Elementary School.

The school district says an investigation into Schmidt is ongoing.

No matter how often white people are captured on video making fools of themselves, they continue to embarrass themselves. I guess they are so confident in their whiteness that they feel they will get away with their racism.

Given all that is going on in America, they have every reason to feel that way.

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