Reports Of Voter Suppression Mar Mississippi Election In Majority Black County

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Mississippi Voters Head To The Polls

A voter fills out their ballot at the U.S. Air Force MEPS Liaison building on November 7, 2023, in Jackson, Mississippi. | Source: Brandon Bell / Getty

Was the fix in?

Residents in parts of Mississippi disproportionately populated by Black people were the victims of not only voter intimidation ahead of Election Day but were also met with extreme voter suppression when it came time to cast ballots on Tuesday, reports suggested after a series of circumstances left no other feasible explanation.

In particular, multiple polling places in Hinds County – home of Mississippi’s capital city of Jackson where nearly 74% of residents are Black and boasting the highest population of any state county – were not equipped with enough ballots, with some precincts even running out of their supply within hours of opening, according to widespread reports.


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