Tykoon Sports: The First Black-Owned NIL Marketing Firm

Los Angeles, CA – Tykoon Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of Tykoon Sports, the first minority-owned and operated marketing agency specializing in the growing field of Name, Image, and Likeliness (NIL). Tykoon Sports is a subsidiary of Tykoon Enterprises, a conglomerate corporation with an impressive portfolio of brands in marketing, entertainment, and other industries. 

Tykoon Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of Tykoon Sports,

Tykoon Sports will focus on providing marketing consulting, brand partnerships, apparel design and distribution, and post-grad career advising for student-athletes. The agency will provide the highest level of service and expertise to help athletes achieve their goals on and off the field. 

The founder of Tykoon Enterprises, Peter Iwuh, is a well-seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience in the industry. With a degree in strategic communication and seven marketing-related certifications, Peter has worked with companies such as Sony Music, Facebook, and Disney, to name a few. 

At launch, Tykoon Sports is proud to represent five top-notch athletes, including one from Michigan State, two from Morgan State, Howard, and the University of Hartford. Tykoon Sports is confident that these athletes, combined with the expertise of their team, will be a driving force in the world of NIL marketing. 

“We are thrilled to launch Tykoon Sports at a time when the market for NIL is rapidly expanding,” said Peter Iwuh, founder of Tykoon Enterprises. “We believe that this is the perfect time to offer our services to athletes who want to make the most of their NIL opportunities. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and succeed in the world of sports marketing.” 

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Tykoon Sports is excited to lead the way as the first black-owned and operated marketing agency in the industry. The company is committed to breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities for minority athletes in the world of sports marketing. 

For more information on Tykoon Sports, please visit their website at www.tykoonsports.com

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