YOOOO, Trump Played TF Out His Own People LOL!: Trump Campaign Dupes Supporters Into Automatic Recurring Donations

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Donald Trump is a con artist—and he wouldn’t even be a good one if his marks were smarter than a box of dull hammers and rusty nails. Most Americans realize that the Trump presidency was a four-year-long con and that the biggest suckers involved were Orange Juissolini’s own supporters. What you might not know is that Trump is such an enormous flim-flammer that his campaign’s donation site reportedly signed doners up automatically for recurring payments when they only intended to make one-time donations.

Let me put that another way: The man who spread voter fraud propaganda about voting machines automatically switching votes from Trump to Biden had an online donation site that automatically changed donation settings from one-time to “keep making it rain, please!”

Before I continue, I just need to stop and… shit… I’m not going to make it…


*fixes face*

The New York Times conducted an investigation of Federal Election Commission records and found that the Trump campaign was forced to return more than $100 million in donations to his dumbass supporters who are lucky AF that election activity is far more safeguarded than their Lord of the Goya Beans would have them believe.

Insider did a pretty good job of summarizing what happened so here you go:

It started with an unusual and “aggressive” move: the addition of a small, bright yellow box on Trump’s campaign donation portal in March 2020.

“Make this a monthly recurring donation,” the text in the box read. The box had automatically been checked off as soon as donors landed on the page, the Times reported.

In order to avoid this recurring donation, donors had to manually opt out, the Times said.

Months later, the donation portal added a second pre-checked box. This time, the box automatically directed an additional contribution from the donor in honor of Trump’s birthday in June, according to the Times.

The Times reports that when the 2020 election was coming up, the Trump campaign was getting out-hustled by President Joe Biden’s campaign in terms of donations—like Biden was Jay-Z and Trump was the guy who would pass up $50,000 for dinner with Jay-Z—so, by September, the text in the pre-checked donation box went from “monthly” to “weekly” donations unbeknownst to the donors, many of whom were… shit… not again…


*fixes face*

According to the Times, One 63-year-old Trump supporter who was living on a fixed income of less than $1,000 per month intended to donate $500 to the campaign but ended up having $3,000 taken out of his account. Another generous, but not that generous, doner thought he was contributing only $990 to the orangey-white supremacist cause but ended up shelling out close to $8,000.

Trump spokesperson Jason Miller told the Times that “the fact we had a dispute rate of less than 1 percent of total donations despite raising more grass-roots money than any campaign in history is remarkable,” but according to the Times’ findings, the only things remarkable are the lie Miller told and the fact that Trump still has a spokesperson.

More from Insider:

In total, the Trump campaign returned a staggering 10.7% of money secured through WinRed, the Republican Party’s contribution portal. In contrast, the Biden campaign returned just 2.2% of the money raised through ActBlue, the Democratic Party’s counterpart.

Trump supporters who had unwittingly donated their money to the campaign filed fraud complaints upon noticing unauthorized withdrawals, the Times reported.

So yeah, whatever: Trump supporters who got fleeced by the commander-in-gotcha-bitch were able to recover much of what they lost, but the whole thing still shows just how deep the ruse that was Trump’s presidency goes.

And if they try to re-elect his ass in 2024, well, you know the saying: Fool me once shame on you, but you can probably fool me twice because clearly, I’m a stupid mother fucker.

That’s how it goes, right?

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