The Funk Boutique: The New Yeezys Look Like Something Off of a Golden Crust Menu

What, and I cannot stress this enough…the hell?

Yeezy has always been a very interesting clothing line and has pushed the boundaries of what fashion really is, but apparently, it has branched into the world of food and fashion, dropping what seems to be beef patty-inspired slipper shoes that remind me of the bottom of hospital socks.

According to Sneaker News, the “Sulfer” shoes are a knit runner sneaker that has the shoe size written plainly for everyone to see on the side.


The shape and design of the shoe is identical to the best-selling Yeezy Foam Runner and continue to show Ye’s desire to revolutionize laceless sneakers. Kanye teased these shoes in August 2020 and dropped on September 23, 2021.

GQ calls these the “weirdest sneaker yet,” and I’m inclined to agree. Early in June fans accused West of stealing the idea of the shoe from shoe cartoon Mickey Mouse wears, however, the beef patty-looking ass shoes are “basically fully knitted—a sweater for the foot.”

Sneaker News reports the rest of Yeezy’s 2021 collections will drop in October.

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