Stefon Harris and Blackout performing in Baltimore by Phinesse Demps

On Sunday, April 10th Stefon Harris and Blackout will be performing at the Baltimore Chamber Jazz Society. The show starts at 5 pm. At the BaltimoreMuseum of Art,10 Art Museum Dr.Baltimore, MD 21218.

Stefon Harris and Blackout performing in Baltimore

What can you expect from a Stefon Harris and Blackout show? According to Stefon Harris, you are going to experience something authentic, sincere, and something BLACK with nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of. When Harris and Blackout perform, there is never a plan but a purpose to show you what Jazzis at that particular moment. Jazz is not a certain style or sound but it is at that moment where jazz is at. Where the groove is. That feeling. This is what you will experience when you attend the Stefon Harris and Blackout Show.


Harris adds, “When we hit the stage we just flow. We never know where the sound or mood will take us. All we know is at that moment wherever we are performing, it is completely about the music.”


Without question, folks want to hear the latest music from the most talked-about Jazz Album, Sonic Creed, and Stefon being the deejay aka the conductor will craft the mood and sound to make sure that folks get to hear what they paid for their money for as well as the other 8-9 projects that they have happened to share with the world since 1998.

Bring a date or come solo, more importantly, come chill and experience Stefon Harris & Blackout. You can purchase your tickets via or for more information, call the Baltimore Chamber Jazz Society:

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